Constant quality

Our priority is to provide consistent quality throughout the year and during harvest transitions. Our quality department carries out extensive checks to ensure that the composition and properties of our flour remain consistent, regardless of seasonal variations. So you can always rely on the high quality of our products.

Local farmers

We strongly believe in the power of local cooperation and work closely with local farmers. This cooperation enables us to ensure the quality of our raw materials. We encourage sustainable agricultural practices and contribute to the local community.

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Wheat selection

Our process of thorough wheat selection ensures that we choose only the best wheat varieties that meet our strict quality standards. We pay attention to various factors such as taste, nutritional value and baking value. By carefully selecting, we can ensure consistent quality and deliver top-quality products to our customers

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We strive for the highest quality standards and have obtained several certificates confirming our commitment. Find out more about the certificates we have received and how they contribute to the reliability of our products. We want to be transparent and show that we meet the strict requirements and standards of the industry.

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At Nova, we value traceability. We want our customers to know exactly where our products come from. We therefore strive for full traceability within our production process. This is also checked several times a year during various external audits.

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