Control of incoming raw materials

To ensure that we use only the best raw materials, we carry out strict checks on incoming raw materials. Our experienced quality engineers inspect and analyse each batch of raw materials according to our strict quality standards. We pay attention to factors such as freshness, purity, moisture content and any contaminants. Through these raw material checks, we ensure that only the best ingredients are used in our production processes.

Recipe determination

Determining the right recipes is a crucial step in our quality process. Our expert team members work closely together to establish accurate recipes that ensure consistency and excellent product performance. We take several factors into account:

  • the properties of the raw materials
  • the desired product characteristics
  • the specific needs of our customers

By carefully defining recipes, we strive to deliver consistent quality products that meet our customers' expectations

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Final product control

Before our products go out the door, they undergo thorough analyses. Our dedicated quality team conducts extensive analysis and testing to ensure that the final product meets our strict quality standards. We measure parameters such as moisture content, granulometry, ash content, absorbency and baking qualities to ensure that the product meets our specifications and offers consistency to our customers. By maintaining these strict controls, we assure our customers of products of the highest quality.

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Customer-specific analyses

Every customer has unique needs and requirements. Therefore, we also offer customer-specific analyses. If necessary, we perform additional tests and checks based on our customers' specific requirements. This enables us to offer customised solutions and ensure that our products perfectly match our customers' expectations and specifications.

By combining our standard quality index with customer-specific analyses, we strive to continuously meet the highest quality requirements of the food industry. We are proud to offer the requested quality to all our valued customers through our lab.

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