Consistent quality

We extensively test flour in our lab to guarantee consistent quality and reliable results. As an industrial bakery, you can therefore always count on high-quality products that meet the strict requirements and expectations within the sector.

To meet this constant quality, we carefully select our wheat, spelt and rye from local farmers. These grains undergo extensive tests and are awarded a quality label. We then blend the grains in our blending silos according to the desired qualities. We then use traditional milling techniques to produce the best flour and flours.

Not only are our raw materials extensively tested, the finished products also undergo strict checks. Only when they meet our high standards of consistent quality are they ready to be delivered to your bakery.

Product development

Thanks to our wide range of more than 300 products, you have a wide choice of quality flour and flours for

  • breads and rolls
  • cakes, biscuits and cookies
  • waffles andpancakes
  • Flat breads
  • pasta & pizza
  • ...
Looking for flour products for a specific application?
Pancakes made by industrial bakery
Pasta made by industrial bakery
Chocolate waffles made by an industrial bakery

What we offer

Every year, we check which varieties can be used for our customers, including  organic flours. Our range also includes many types of local flour!

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