Regional focus

To meet our quality standards, we mainly look for cereals from Belgium, France and Germany. These countries have a long tradition of high-quality cereal cultivation. Focusing on these regions allows us to benefit from their rich agricultural history, the expertise of local farmers and favourable growing conditions. This enables us to obtain grain of exceptional quality.

Selection on specific characteristics

In wheat selection, we pay attention to several specific characteristics of the grains. We choose wheat varieties known for their 

  • good baking qualities
  • high protein content
  • optimal moisture content
  • ¬†balanced ratio of starch to gluten

These characteristics are essential for achieving consistent quality in our products. By selecting grains with the right properties, we can ensure the desired consistency and performance of our flour and flours.

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Partnering with local farmers

We strongly believe in the value of local cooperation and sustainable farming practices. That is why we work closely with local farmers in Belgium, France and Germany. We know our suppliers personally and have established a relationship of trust. This close cooperation enables us to trace the origin of our grains and have direct control over growing methods and harvesting processes. In this way, we can guarantee the highest quality while contributing to sustainability and preserving local agricultural practices.

Through careful wheat selection, regional focus and cooperation with local farmers, we strive to always obtain grain of the highest quality. This enables us to offer our customers consistent quality in all our products. At Mills Nova, we are committed to providing excellent quality flour and flours that meet our customers' expectations.

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