Quality grain in the region

There are plenty of quality grains available in the wide vicinity of our mill. We highly value the origin of our raw materials, which is why we work closely with local farmers. By buying locally, we can guarantee the freshness and quality of the grains. Moreover, this way we also support the local economy and farming community.

Boer - agriculteur

Direct cooperation and intensive communication

We have direct contacts with farmers in the region. This allows us to build personal relationships and gain a deep understanding of their farming practices. We share knowledge and experiences and work together to improve sustainable farming practices.

This close cooperation allows us to ensure the traceability of our grains and ensure the consistent quality of our products. Intensive communication between farmers, breeders, our milling plant and our customers plays a crucial role here. Together, we search for the right grains to sow, taking into account our customers' needs and requirements. This joint effort enables us to meet the desired quality and characteristics of the grains.

Collaboration with cooperatives

We also work closely with cooperatives that centralise, select and blend grains. This cooperation enables us to obtain consistent quality of grain, even during harvest transitions. The expertise of these cooperatives allows us to offer a diverse range of high-quality grains to our customers.

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Collaborating with a local mill is completely in line with the sustainable way I want to run my farm.
Marc, agriculteur

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